Thursday, April 23, 2015

Turaga Files - Unboxing the Legend - Exhibit 023 - Video 1

From "the time before time". This video shows footage of the 1999 concept models called VooDoo Heads. As you probably all know this would later evolve into the Bionicle concept.


  1. This is VERY cool! Its interesting to see how something goofy like the doo heads became Bionicle. The functions were a very nice idea.

  2. OMG-O-S-H - this is so freaking awesome!

  3. I wish we got some cool function sets like these!

  4. Hi Mr. Faber,

    I was wondering, on behalf of Brickimedia, if we would have permission to add images from this video, as well as other Turaga File images, to our wiki, on pages such as Such concepts would allow us to greatly expand our coverage of BIONICLE and its predecessors. I'd be very grateful for a reply. :) Very cool concepts, in any case. It is interesting to see that the Rahi turned out to be very similar compared to these early concepts, it seems, while the Toa appear much different.

    1. Thanks for the question. The Turaga files is an open source of concept material done to honor both old and new fans so spreading this info is what it is all about. Of course I would be happy if there was some kind of link back to the origin. Hope to add more interesting turaga insights in the future.

  5. Wow. There is an overwhelming desire, if not buy, then just build imitation. It's incredibly cool. They have excellent features.Why then abandoned the idea to make a walking character? That would be great.
    I understand MuakŠ° looked so already? And, to be honest, they look more diverse than the Toa Mata. I would not refuse to have a series of VooDoo Heads. But, not instead of Biot, but together. Though I understand that this will never be ...

    Canisters then also moved in a modified form to RoboRaiders? Or is it already redone cans RoboRaiders themselves?

    If you find in my text a lot of mistakes, I'm sorry. I just speak Russian.

  6. Mr. faber, out of curiosity, did you have to ask LEGO's permission to post these ?

  7. Really interesting concepts! Thanks for sharing. These are definitely something I should try mocing in the future! Cheers

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