Saturday, April 4, 2015

3 years Blog anniversary coming up. (Time for a totally subjective late night status).

April Moon over Flensborg Fjord

It is passed midnight and I’m sitting looking at the full april moon rising above the water. Actually the exact same place where I wrote the first blog entry.
Wow! today the 5/6/15 it is 3 years ago I made my first post on this blog and now 3 years later and 186 posts older and getting close to 500.000 blog views!!! I have to say the biggest THANK YOU to all who have looked, read, liked and commented. It is just the best when there is somebody out there who appreciates what you do. Putting things on this blog has almost become a regular part of my life. 
However I only have 21 regular blog readers and since they are the only ones I can contact I will have to ask everyone who wants to be part of the coming Turaga giveaway to join as regular members of Faber Files. This is the only way I can controle the giveaway. Hope it is not too much pressure but please join! (more about this later)

Through the last 3 years Bionicle have been the major subject on this blog and I feel that I have told my side of how Bionicle came to be and at the same time I have given you a look into what creativity means to me. 
The Turaga files giveaway that I’m planning is my way to say thank you to the community. 
I hope that I can recreate some of the magic and mystery that I felt was in the launch of Bionicle back in 2001 and fuel it into my new project “Rebel Nature”. As you may know I am currently working on bringing the universe to life together with Ghost and Cryoshell and the first output will be the app “Escape RIG21” coming out hopefully before summer (fingers crossed!!!).
It has been 3 very exciting years with one big headline CHANGE. Both on a private scale, when it comes to LEGO and looking at the world. 

In the last 3 years looking at the world:
•Global warming has become a reality. The highest temperature ever has ben measured in Antarctic.
•Plastic is filling the oceans and making its way into the foodchain.
•Religion is creating conflict all over the globe
•China is becoming the biggest economy in the world. and the most polluting one.
•Apple has become the most valuable company in the world
•It has become deadly dangerous to draw your opinion in cartoon drawings.

When it comes to toys:
•LEGO has become the biggest toy company in the world.
•LEGO has launched a blockbuster Hollywood Movie and done product sampling at the Oscars in front of live camera (who would have dared to dream that!!!)
•LEGO’s first successful line to girls “Friends” has been launched.
•LEGO and Minecraft have joined forces!!!
•Bionicle has been relaunched!!! (without a movie??? who would have thought that)

On a personal level:
•I lost my father last year which made me realise one important fact: LIFE IS SHORT, SO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, NOW! Don’t but it of till tomorrow.
I have left my dreamjob at Advance after 28 years (Even dreams have to end for reality to begin).
•I have started to create a universe that will hopefully become a game/movie/IP telling a different story, together with some of the coolest people I know. It feels great even though it is so much more economical unsafe.

I would love your support in my future adventures and the best way you can support is by subscribing to this blog, Faber Files. There are only 21 now so there is plenty of room.
The Turaga files unboxing of Bionicle concept art is just around the corner and right after that I will start up the “Turaga giveaway” so join Faber Files asap and get a chance of being part of that and help support my future projects. Thank you so much and hope you stay tuned to this channel.


  1. Hello Mr Faber! This may be a stupid question, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "regular blog readers" or "joining as regular members of Faber Files". For example, I'm subscribed to your blog via RSS, I read your blog post, and I can comment by using my Google account (though I rarely do). But I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to. So what exactly is it you are asking us to do?

    1. Oh, and of course, I forgot the most important part: Congratulations to your 3 year anniversary! I hope your blog can stay for many more years to come! :)

  2. Congrats on the milestone- it's amazing how much has changed and stayed the same.

    Oh, and I'm also ever so slightly confused when you talk about "joining as a regular member", just as was the prior commenter. I consider myself a regular reader, having a bot check the RSS feed every ten minutes, and I believe that our passion is a better gauge on interest in your work than those numbers. (Though I hope I am one of the twenty-one)

    1. I'm only interested in numbers because I can use it when I try to get support for new projects. It is a powerful argument when there are already people interested in a project that is only in the concept stage. Of cause your general interest is what is most important, but now I am without the big LEGO promotion machine when doing new stuff:)

    2. Well, we're there behind you all the way, follow your work with a passion.

  3. Sorry, I might have been to fast because I thought that you just push the follow button but apparently it is not that simple. I just wanted to find a way to register the individual blog readers because of the Turaga beach giveaway. I will try to find a better solution and get back to you as soon as possible

    1. I'm not quite sure how to follow your blog (although I'd love to!)... But my understanding of the post above is that you are looking for a better solution... Is that correct? Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "follow" the blog... Thanks and congrats for all your hard work!

  4. Love keeping up with this blog and I'm looking forward to seeing more Rebel Nature, it's easy to see there's a lot of heart put in. Here's to the next three years of this blog and to all the work you've done, cheers!

  5. I was reading your blog by just entering the site every day looking for new posts. I didn't know that there is a way to follow it. Maybe I'm a little too old school about how internet works...
    Anyway, now I have subscribed. Thank You for all your work and inspiration, and I wish you a good luck and lot of inspiration!

  6. Cognratulations on your 3 year anniversary! I really hope Rebel nature works out great.
    Regarding the regular follower issue, as some people before me said, I aswell am one of the people who rarely comment, but still check your blog regularly.
    To this day I didn't even know I could subscribe to the blog!
    Either way I wish you good luck with all your future projects :)

  7. Long time reader, first time commenter, love following your stuff Christian! Rebel Nature looks like a really intriguing and relevant story, and all the behind the scenes content you post of Bionicle is really amazing to see just how much depth went into it. I'll stay tuned for more info on the giveaway!

  8. Happy 3 year anniversary, Mr. Faber! Keep the good work and good luck with your projects!

  9. "Bionicle has been relaunched!!! (without a movie??? who would have thought that)"
    I don't know what it is, but perhaps you could have been hinting at something that had gone on behind the scenes? I don't know, that just made me smile knowing you're just as much a fan as you are a contributor. Congratulations on a wonderful 3 years Mr. Faber!

  10. Long time reader, Mr. Faber (also a longtime poacher of your material for use in the BIONICLEsector01 wiki!). Congratulations on three years of an amazing blog, and all of your artistic endeavors; I'm really looking forward to Rebel Nature.

    I didn't realize you needed more followers in your blog, though! I've subscribed to the RSS feed and Google, but if there's another way of going about it, let us know. You should definitely post more to Twitter and Facebook, it gets the word out.

  11. To three years of insight and wonder. Keep on making amazing things, man. :)