Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Snitch drone vs Marlin

Mid-ocean near Caspar Point 2042. A Snitch drone and a Marlin "who is catching who"? In the near-future nature and tech will interact in ways we humans can't imagine. The mystery of near-future on planet Earth is the inspiration for Rebel Nature. Get ready to visit the reality of your grandchildren. They will be rebels

Friday, February 1, 2019

Absolute Urgency poster for the Absolute competition

Urgent message in the shape of a bottle. This is my contribution to the global #Absolutecompetition where you can choose between the different beliefs that Absolut stands for. The one I chose is "Brands should act in a sustainable and transparent"
That combined with the iconic shape of the bottle and the urgent situation that is becoming common knowledge. A humpback whale caught in a area of clean water with the trash moving in. The oceans are filling up with our convenient single use plastic waste. There is not much clean water and time left before everyone from humans to big corporations have to change consumption and reuse of every possible material.
The suggestions are postet on Instagram under hashtag #absolutcompetition on my Instagram.
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