Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Turaga Files - Unboxing the Legend - Exhibit 012 and 013

Back in 2002 when the Toa went underground we needed a dramatic change of mood and colour so this gloomy green haze was chosen to give a strong contrast to the sand coloured launch campaign. The Bohrok were hibernating in their cocoons under Mata Nui waiting for the right time to go into action and the whole scene had a kind of pharaohs grave feel to it so I made the icon look like it could have been chiselled into the stonewall of the caves. It looked a little like a scarab and could be repeated infinitely like the number of the Bohrok.
And yes, there was another VHS selling in video for internal use and here you see the cover. One of the main reasons why I can't upload these videos is that we don't have the rights for the music and the music plays a crucial roll in setting the mood.


  1. Note the phrase "Closer to the Truth" on the back of the VHS cover - about 6 years before the Cryoshell song of the same name. :)

    Mr. Faber, would this video recording by any chance be all or part of the aforementioned VHS tape?

  2. Any chance you can upload your VHSs without sound?

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