Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm proud to present the 2 lead characters of Escape RIG21

Here you see the 2 main characters of #RebelNature. They team up due to circumstances on the remote RIG21. Res grows up with Scraper as her single parent. A role that requires totally new skills from a robot who was build to do maintenance on the legs of an oil rig in the most inhospitable place on earth. Luckily Scraper has been build with some human skills and the ability to learn, but one thing is theory...
In this picture Res is about 11 years old and she is wearing her new power suit build by Scraper & Co. It has magnetic touch pads on hands and feet for climbing and diving gear and jetpack can be attached if necessary.


  1. I really like the robot design here! The roller wheel is very interesting.

  2. Looks awsome! I love the robot design and the style of characters!

  3. I´ve been wanting to ask you Mr. Faber, how will the story for Rebel Nature be released? Comic books? Web games?