Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Turaga beach on "pause" for a really good reason

Dear blogreaders. You may be wondering why the unboxing of the Bionicle legend has taken such a longer break and why you havn’t heard news about the promised giveaway for a long time so now I think I owe you an explanation. 
To put it short, I got a call from Billund. A call that I kind off was hoping would come for many years.
As you may know a new LEGO House is under construction in the center of Billund. 

Here the past, present and future of the LEGO brand and brick is going to be in focus and part of the exhibition will be a walkthrough of the LEGO history. 
The phonecall confirmed that Bionicle will have a prominent place in that history since it was the “The toy that saved LEGO” (quote from Jørgen Vig Knudstorp) and suddenly all my Turaga beach crates full of old sketches gets interest. 
In august I will take a meeting with the LEGO heritage department and run through all the early material that went into creating not only Bionicle but everything that came before including the early test concept “Cybots”, Voodoo Heads, Slizer, Roboriders and whatever I have in the crates. 
Nothing is certain about what and how the exhibit will be but this is fantastic news because it means that this material finally will be part of the official history and that it will be accessible for everybody. On the other hand I will have to pause the Turaga beach giveaway because many of the sketches that I planned to give away now probably will be part of a permanent exhibition in the most perfect place imaginable. 
I hope you all agree that this is the best place for this material. It is a homage to all the loyal fans that have been with Bionicle since the early start. Bionicle is part of the rebirth of one of the most fantastic brands in the world and who knows what the future holds:)…