Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BREAKING! Cryoshell now in RebelNature-session

Testing the Cryoshell icon in RebelNature settings
This update just to let you know that at this moment Cryoshell is in session, creating new tunes for #RebelNature and the app #EscapeRIG21. This is so cool and exciting and it is going to be epic, industrial and mesmerizing. Stay tuned!
Kasper Søderlund and Mikkel Maltha in Cryoshell RebelNature session

Friday, September 25, 2015

Flashback - The LEGO and Star Wars collaboration - part 4

Here you see the final result of the first SW assignment I worked on at Advance back in '98. 
The 5 first packages of the LEGO Star Wars line. 
We ended up with a simple new design that has been repeated many times since. Inspired by the widescreen format of the featurefilm we put a black border top and bottom and this worked as framing of the illustration as well as the background of the logos with star pattern on. On the top panel the LEGO System logo and the Star Wars mining logo were connected by a blue/white laser line to mark this important collaboration.

The LEGO Star Wars models would be placed in the real movie sets to get as much realism to the play scenario. So we got to make background paintings made directly from the mattepaintings of the real movie. A mix of real painting and photoshop (a very early version) was used to make the box art as true to the movie as possible.

Copenhagen based master photographer Jesper Jørgen ( that we have used for numerous LEGO shoots, was put in charge of photo and he created the perfect match of the light of the illustrated background.

Below you see the full box illustrations of the 5 boxes.

On the backside and sidepanels we chose to create the special hangar setting that appears in many Star Wars movies. We wanted to give the feeling that this was the place where you would build or rebuild your model.
A fantastic set piece was build by model and prop building, Joachim Zacho Weylandt (
It was more than 2X2 meter and rigged with lights and platforms with the right amount of runway tracks and ware painted on. A lot of LEGO parts was used for detailing the set piece.  It was the perfect packdrop for any Star Wars model and if I knew where it was now I would put it on the wall as decoration.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Some very early RebelNature inspiration from a surprising well

One of my childhood heroes was the legendary Jacques Cousteau and his TV programs about the adventures on Calypso around the globe (more about him later)
Another hero was the author of this sticker collection book that my father got for me at the local gas-station back in 1972. 

I was 6 years old and started my collection right away. This was my introduction to 2 very important elements of my future life. The magic world under the waves and the magic world of advertising. Of cause I got my dad to use the same brand every time we needed gas and advertising became part of my childhood. The book was filled with info and great pictures in a time where there was no digital or internet and great professional color photos were rare. It also had futuristic underwater equipment and a concept painting of the future under water. This was the first concept painting I ever saw and it blew my mind. I wanted to be able to draw stuff like that.

I believe that creativity is connecting the dots (thank you Steve) so it is no coincidence that #RebelNature makes a connection between underwater natural life and evolution and technologic progress and the hunt for resources.
I find it a bit ironic that this piece of inspiration for #RebelNature came from a petrol company.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Flashback - The LEGO and Star Wars collaboration - part 3

Preparing the launch of the new LEGO Star Wars line back in '98 was a massive job. This was the first time LEGO worked with a mayor franchise so a totally new process had to be developed. At Advance one of the first tasks we got was to design the package.

This is the first design test. It had a massive golden Star Wars logo at the top of the box with the mini figure lineup on the right and the LEGO System logo down at the bottom left. At that point in time we didn't know what the logo hierarchy would be so I tried with the movie logo on top.
In the meeting room in Billund, I took a low res snapshot on my old digital Sony camera and used that photo to mock up a box with the prototype Millennium Falcon in the middle of the asteroid field. One of the most iconic scenes from the The Empire strikes back. I wanted the asteroids to go all around the box so the film scene was as big as possible. This file shows both front and side panels of the box. As you probably know this model wasn't released until much later and the design would get another spin. To be continued...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Flashback - The LEGO and Star Wars collaboration - part 2

Right from the first meeting I attended at Lucas in 1998 it was clear that LEGO would get a different role than the other partners Lucas had earlier worked with. LEGO would actually give kids and adults the power to change the vehicles and the story. The creative possibilities that LEGO gave to the Star Wars universe would be a great new communication platform.
As a first concept idea I did this sketch of a LEGO tent workshop with a rusty LEGO sign placed on Tatooine where everybody could come and get their vehicle build, rebuild or customised. The idea was that the brick was a new interpretation of the Force. A force of creativity. So if you wanted 8 engines on your X-wing, now it was possible.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Escape RIG21 game icon showdown

Ok, now it is time to get serious:) Here are 4 different icons for Escape RIG21 with and without title and in small size. Any comments or preferences? #RebelNature will soon come alive.
1# Res in front of RIG21

2# GUI graphic on metal

3# Semi submerged RIG21 icon

4# RebelNature Res tag icon

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Escape RIG21" game icon. What do you think?

As you may know we are in production with the #RebelNature app #EscapeRIG21 and the time has come to make the game icon. Here is a snapshot of my screen right now. What do you think about this suggestion showing Res in the foreground and RIG21 in the back. Pretty simple but does it work? please comment.