Monday, April 20, 2015

Turaga Files - Unboxing the Legend - Exhibit 022

Much has been said about the size of the giant robot Mata Nui and what you see here is not canon or anything. It is the simple inspiration that I used when creating the outline of the Island back in 1999 and later on in 2007 when we had the task to make the giant robot come alive.
As you may know I use a lot of local inspiration mixed with foreign input to create my work and when it comes to Mata Nui I am quite sure the shape of my home country Denmark has played a vital role in finding the shape. We have a saying here in Denmark that our country looks like a giant head with a dripping nose and a pointy hat. So there you have it. Just turn the face to face upward and put an island on top.
If you blend the shape and size of Denmark with the features of hidden robot face and the yin yang swirling shape of a galaxy then you have the outlines of what created Mata Nui.
Following that line the size of the robot ends up being app. 3150 km.

Canon or not? Now you know the inspiration sources.
Denmark is small and very flat without mountains but almost an island. so I think Mata Nui is my secret dream of what Denmark would look like if it was mixed with Hawaii.


  1. That's very interesting. I actually wish those measurements were canon, as the official measurements don't really make much sense to me. The robot's official size is more than 12,000 kilometers, and the island's length is less than 500 kilometers. The island is supposed to cover the robot's face, but that would mean that Mata Nui's head is less than a 24th of his full height. Either that, or the island actually only covers a small part of his face. I always had a problem with that.

  2. I also had problems, like the comment above, but on the contrary: Matoran Universe that was described during those ten years, considering it's islands and continents, and continuous use of it's resourses, should be dramatically larger in length than 3,000 km. So 12k in that case is making sense... but also contradicts with initial island of Mata Nui sizes.

    1. Look at what Bonesii has said about this subject on BZP. It actually does make sense if we say that the island doesn't cover all of the head.

  3. Wow Faber, you really are a genius of our time. This is so awesome I cannot believe the significance of the Mata-nui island I did not know you used Denmark as inspiration it makes me happy to know how much thought and work has been put into Bionicle. Bionicle Mata-Nui is a big part of my Karda nui!

  4. This is incredible! Christian, it would be very interesting to see the process of creation of the city of Metru Nui. Because, let's say, about Mata Nui, we know a lot, there are a lot of drawings, concepts. About Metru Nui - only the most basic. Maybe there is some kind of development. Thank you!

  5. Oh my gosh I just had a heart attack! This is very cool Mr. Faber. It is very inspiring as a writer myself, in practise though. I'm still refining my craft. A lot. I love seeing how my biggest inspirations and influences go about with their creative processes. Local inspiration is a must. Though it is really hard to figure out what to take from your surroundings without making it too familiar. One day I'd like to meet you in purpose and follow you, and document how you go about with your new life at your own company. Maybe it could become a documentary film. I'd like to make such a thing. If you would be cool with it Faber :)

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  7. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to upload some extremely high resolution maps of Metru Nui, maybe some geographical data or something. More high res than the maps we've seen and the heightmap you showed us in the past? You see, I am planning on recreating Metru Nui, and maybe even the entire Matoran Universe, inside Minecraft, and it would be nice to have some more reference to work with, if possible. if it is not too much to ask :)