Friday, February 27, 2015

East Africa snapshots part 2

Serengeti safari break

"Please stay inside the vehicle"

"You talking to me?"

Tall and amazing

Young Masai boys with painted faces

Angry male ahead

I'm watching you, stranger
An island in a sea of grass

Thursday, February 26, 2015

East Africa snapshots part 1. Tanzania and Zanzibar February 2015

Until now Africa has been a blank spot on my map but now I have spent 2 weeks in this raw and wild part of our world and it has been an eye-opener in many ways. The raw and awesome wildlife experience. The close up “survival of the fittest” or “hunt or be hunted”. The simple and tough living of people outside of the tourist areas. The rejection of modern living by the Masai tribes and the ever present environmental threat that nature is exposed to. Here You can see some of my best shots from the trip.

Ngorogoro Crater. 20 x 16 km of natural zoo filled with wildlife
Vibrant African colors

Mask power ad libitum

Todays lion menu

Cryoshell / Gravity Hurts Instrumental

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cleanup in progress. Please have patience

Here is a snapshot of my work desk right now. A strong cup of coffe (in an limited edition Bionicle/Hero Factory promo mug) and piles of old sketches (if you look closely you can see the first time the word BIONICLE was written). On my screen the outlines of my new company is taking shape. Faber Fuel, with the rebel rocket icon.

To file 28 years of work, sketches and thoughts is a job on its own. Especially because I have a strange habit of keeping all the work sketches.  Sketches are my fuel and my product so there you have the backstory of the name. I am starting to get an overview and warming up to filming the unboxing of what turns out to be several crates stored in the basement deep under Advance in Copenhagen. So please have patience. Now back to the diggingJ