Friday, April 15, 2022

Chroniclers journey - 2022 Bionicle Community tribute poster

This is a Bionicle tribute to the most amazing fan community ever. United I believe that we have the skills and the creativity to take the story further. I’m all in because this is both engine and fuel in one.

We are all Turaga now and who says that a Turaga can't become Toa again. The future story is unwritten and it only becomes what you make it.

As you move through life, legend becomes shapes on the horizon of history and as you realize how small you are on the big scale, you also find that you carry all you need to take the legend further and make it your own. Go be the legend. The future of the biological chronicle is in your hands. Your backpack is full of treasures but dont let it weigh you down. Ahead lie great untold adventures.