Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Your Grandchildren will be rebels - Rebel Nature Concept poster

It has been far to long time since the last update from Rig21 but we have been very busy and here is a small sneak peek into the liveaction concept phase that is on the drawing table right now.

Merry X-mas from the Rig and an epic rebellious new year

Monday, August 14, 2017

Deep forrest encounter. Rebel Nature future concept

After crossing the wide ocean, this small gardener robot moves inland and encounters a world of possibilities for new bio-tech connections. The dragonflies are the first to collaborate.
This is a Rebel Nature future concept sketch to explore what will happen when autonomous machines start roaming the earth.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear BZPower, this one is for you and all your supporters and fans. "You'll take it from here"

I have always wanted to show my gratitude for all the years of passion, ideas, feedback and greatness that has filled the BZPower blog and community from the early days of the legend until today, and what better way than to do some creative work to show my appreciation.

This design is actually a suggestion for the BZPower, Mahri themed t-shirt competition that is currently running on the BZPower site.

This is an original tribute piece done exclusively for BZPower and the fans.

Exactly this point of the legend means a lot to me. The point where Matoro sweeps in, grabs the Mask of Life and takes the challenge and saves the day. The words are for all the fans who wear the t-shirt and keep the legend alive: “We’ll take it from here”. Especially at this point in time, the fans are the legend.

Here is a 2 color versions of the possible t-shirt

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rebel Nature fiction meets reality

In 2014 I drew this fictive picture of a hermit crab that has used an empty plastic container for shell

Today 2017 I saw the picture of crabs from Henderson Island making homes of plastic packs!!!

This is getting a bit to close to reality.

One of many hundreds of crabs that now make their homes out of plastic debris washed up on Henderson Island in the Pitcairn island group. This particular item is an Avon cosmetics jar. Photograph: Jennifer Lavers

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The INKredible Adventures of Drawboy. Ready For Summer!

Drawboy has found the coolest set of wheels to go cruising for sun and surf. The cute Bubble car from BMW and from a different century.
See it, draw it, own it (in your mind) Once you have drawn an object, location or person the shapes and details are yours to keep so the pencil is always in the suitcase, ready for new well designed beauties, shorelines and adventures.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cryoshell from 2006 to 2017 and beyond

This is a small tribute to all the people who have followed Cryoshell since 2006 and their amazing patience. Now you can be a part of this new beginning. We will keep the epic feeling alive but take it to a new place beyond the horizon with a new purpose. Say hello to the band on their first day on the new project. Nobody knows the future but you can be certain it is coming so choose your course and remember to bring some personal and powerfull music.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Yeees finally!!! New Cryoshell 2017 album "Next to Machines" confirmed

Finally we can bring you the great news that Cryoshell is coming with a new album. Titled "Next to Machines". Hopefully 2017 and you can be a part of the process by going to the blog:
Support the project by submitting your e-mail and get all the news and updates. Hope to see you there for more epic music and stories. Here is a link to my first handheld report on the launch of the project
Good News from Cryoshell may 1. on Youtube

The INKredible Adventures of Drawboy - Making curves

Go make your own lines on some infinite pure surface. Make your creative mark straight from your brain onto paper. Consuming impressions is the most sustainable joy available and drawing is the best way to use your impressions and pratice your curves:)
If you want to feel the rush and speed of creativity you need to give in to chance and gravity. Falling or flying, that is a question of opinion. If you aim high you need to go downwards in-between. Drawing is all about the right mix of curves and straight lines.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Getting the impossible shot" Tribute to Clark Little and the beauty of water

The Hawaiian photographer Clark Little is daily posting the most fantastic and inspiring photos from inside the waves and waters of Hawaii.
To celebrate his great work I wanted to try to do the impossible shot as a drawing where you are both inside and above water with the photographer in the eye of the action. Right where the water meets the air is the spot where Clark catches his amazing pictures and with risk and great skill he really brings out the pure magic of moving water.
The water surrounding Denmark is quite a bit colder but we all know that all water on the planet somehow is connected and what we do here will have affect in far away places. Water should be treated with the respect that it deserves since it is the only single thing that makes this planet different from any other dust ball floating around in space. 
Thanks Clark for getting into the eye of the action and getting all those impossible shots.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The INKredible Adventures of Drawboy #26

"You are what you draw and each drawing is an image of you".
DrawBoy is originally a title I gave myself when people asked what my job was at the advertising agency I used to work at. The name kind of grew on me because it describes the craft of drawing in it's purest form. This was and is the craft I love and it is my favourite meditation and expression.
So DrawBoy is my superhero and alter ego. He tries to catch as many impressions as possible, stack them in his memory and merge them into visuals and concepts. It all starts with the simple pencil and the white surface of the paper or whatever media you choose.
"So go chase those images and make them your own. Consuming and creating images are the most sustainable type of consumption you can imagine"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

50%, 50% robot, 100% new evolved hermit crab

Deep beneath the waves of the ocean and Rig21, this strange creature scavenge for spareparts and energy. It is a mix of organic life and robot technology. The head of a deepsea robot reused by a mutated crab. In nature everything is reused, even the thrashed and replaced technology.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still "Emergency on planet earth"

This is my interpretation of a 2017 version of the 1993 Jamiroquai album "Emergency on planet Earth"

On May 17, 1993. 24 years ago, something epic and magic happened on my musical world map. For many years I had been into jazz, funk and soul and I had been chasing rare vinyl albums in strange record stores since my early teens. Suddenly this album "Emergency on planet Earth" landed on my turntable and a lot of dots connected. Suddenly the music I loved for it's groovy ear catching quality carried a message of purpose. Not just the usual text subjects but danceable music that actually at the same time made you think. In the middle of this small revolution (in my book) stood the amazing Jay Kay who in some way managed to merge funk with a purpose. He displayed the coolest style in a mix of sporty, hippie and funky, and he could dance like never seen before. I was blown away and many years later when I first sketched the idea to my story universe Rebel Nature, it was actually to the sound of Jamiroquai.
Jamiroquai and Jay Kay represents the perfect picture of the situation our civilisation is facing right now. They amplify the knowledge about our planet and environment and the epic challenges we face yet at the same time they have a party and dance the worries away. Living the dream with fast cars, private jets and models in bikinis.
When raising kids they do what you do, not what you say, so in this case we tent to hear the music, have the party, dream about the star life and then forget the purpose.

If this post ever reached Jay Kay, I would beg Jamiroquai to reissue "Emergency on planet Earth" in a 2017 version or 2018 making it a 25 years anniversary, and have Jay Kay drive a electric supercar.

Here is a link for the video that is still depressingly relevant here in 2017.
Jamiroquai/Emergency on Planet Earth(1993)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting closer to Res Waveborn

"I'm told I'm human, whatever that means?"
Res Waveborn and Rebel Nature has taken a new small but very important step on  the long journey toward the "movie" dream. Thanks to the dedicated crew. This is what a reallife adventure should feel like.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cryoshell Kickstarter gets closer to the surface

Cryoshell 2017 Kickstarter teaser poster

Cryoshell Kickstarter 2. April 2017

I am thrilled to tell you that the Kickstarter for Cryoshell 2017 is now fixed to 2. of April and it feels so good to be back in the Cryoshell work zone with Christine, Kasper & Mikkel. Hopefully we can send you updates and keep you posted until April the 2nd.

Everybody talks about their bucket list...

...if I ever had written a bucket list, this is one thing I would never have dared to put on. But then again..., there it is ...
I recommend not writing things down on a list making your dreams into assignments but follow your heart, stay curious, a bit humble and creatively hungry, have fun and embrace coincidence. To but it short "Do good work". Scrap the lists and the impossible may happen.
I'm immensely honoured to have my name on this ad in Cinefex where Ghost VFX thanks ILM for the assignments on Rogue One - A Star Wars story. I'm so impressed and proud of all the people at Ghost VFX for constantly chasing the dream, the excellence and the skill.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Cryoshell & RebelNature 2017 teaser

The wait has been way too long but very soon Cryoshell will open a Kickstarter campaign that will decide the future of the band. The RebelNature story and universe will be the inspiration but the number of new tunes and the ambitions will be decided by the Kickstarter and the longtime and new supporters and fans. Soon you can be part of the Cryoshell legend.
Cryoshell & RebelNature Kickstarter 2017 teaser

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rebels around the corner

Res Waveborn on the shoulder of Scraper making a tight turn to outrun some Snitches on Rig21.
Concept sketch fresh off the drawing board at Goodman Rock/Ghost in Copenhagen. 2017 is off to a good start