Thursday, December 20, 2018

Flashback to Gravity Hurts by Cryoshell now rereleased

Finally 10 years after it was written by Mikkel Maltha from Cryoshell, Gravity Hurts is released digitally on all platforms. Here is the video that originally launched the song and the Bionicle campaign

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Rebel Vlog is finally a reality. Go ahead and dive in:)

RebelVlog finally live from the Rebel Garage in CPH. This is the first Vlog describing the work behind my past, present and future projects. All about Rebel Nature, Waveborn, concept and design, behind the scenes and a dive into the past projects including a certain Biological Chronicle. This is also the start of a long awaited giveaway "The RebelVlog Garage Giveaway" Join the journey toward a new legend with all the waves and hustle on the way. This is ultimately about creativity with a Rebel twist. Comment, share and Enjoy!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rebel Nature / Waveborn 2018 mood video

What is the purpose of creativity

I'm one of the very privileged people who for 30 years have been living from my creativity on a daily basis. I've learned the skills and tools of effective storytelling, world building and marketing through commercial use with the one primary goal, to sell as much stuff as possible. Now it is time to put this skill to new use and create stories and inspiration for the near future. Stories that potential can change the way our children and grandchildren live and act. Stories that try to capture this amazing moment in human evolution where we actually have the individual chance to change the way we use technology and pass on this planet we are so incredibly lucky to experience. Start living like we are an active part of it all instead of acting like this place is a 5-star resort where we are on an all-inclusive well deserved vacation and somebody else will take out the trash. Our great grandchildren will look back at this period, the way we look at the dark ages. They won't know us personally but they will see the results of our choices. "The things you DON'T do in live echoes in eternity. Stop making echoes and start making value for the future. Consider the future as your most important client. This client won't pay you with money but with an invaluable purpose of your life and creativity.

My first project on this journey is REBEL NATURE. A full-blown IP in development across multiple media platforms including app games, VR experiences, music, museum and science projects as well as a live action feature film “Waveborn” set in a near-future world where technology and nature has joined forces and humanity has become the endangered species… 

REBEL NATURE sets out to be the first fully sustainable story universe where all activities are build around new sustainable solutions such as new innovative material to replace plastic, new ways to interact with the audience and rethinking the way we do merchandise and why.

We are a small group of dedicated professionals working to bring this to life and we are currently seeking funding and partners so if you want to be a part of a new purpose we are ready to talk. All collaborations are of interest as long as the future is the client.
Please share and comment. We are in constant beta and always ready to listen.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Rebel Nature presenting at Picture This '18

We are happy to say that we are a part of the upcoming Picture This '18 conference on the 5th of april here in copenhagen.

Link to Picture This '18 website

REBEL NATURE is a full-blown IP in development across multiple media platforms including app games, VR experiences, music, museum and science projects as well as a live action feature film “Waveborn” set in a near-future world where technology and nature has joined forces and humanity has become the endangered species… 

To help him bring the IP of REBEL NATURE and feature film “Waveborn” to life Christian Faber has founded the production company Goodman Rock and gathered an interdisciplinary team of accomplished creative forces, including writer Merlin P. Mann, producer Thomas Lydholm, Jeppe Nygaard Christensen and Martin GĂ„rdeler of internationally renowned visual effects company, Ghost VFX.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Faber Files Vlog test

Hey everybody, this is a test!. Would you like to get an inside view of the Rebel Nature and Waveborn project and also her news about Cryoshell. Then leave a comment. Hope to see you again on the next many Vlogs from Faber Files.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nature Girl by Cryoshell. A cover version with a twist

Nature Girl cover illustration. The "Carrying A Tree" truck at a hightech well in a distant near future desert
Back in 1947 songwriter and poet Eden Ahbez composed this strange and mesmerising song. It has a the calmness of a lullaby and the melancholy of a ballad and it holds a banal but powerfull sentence that captures the core of human existence “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return”.
Here in the early 21th century the human civilisation is at a crucial point in time where we have the knowledge and technology to shape our future and make life on earth better for all. But at the same time the danger of not thinking ahead and go for short-term solutions and selfish greed is more present than ever. We have to take the concept of love and compassion and build it into every piece of technology we create.The mix between epic themes, storytelling and big emotions have always been the trademark of Cryoshell and from the very beginning back in 2006 Cryoshell has found inspiration in the clash between nature and technology. The robot on the beach in the early Bionicle legend is a good example and a good beginning. We humans have invented thinking machines and a world wide web connecting it all, but what influence will we have on the future of these creations. The coming album “Next to Machines” is inspired by this epic point in time where we cross over to the age of thinking and conscious machines.Now the message of “Nature boy” and “Nature girl” gets extremely relevant and what we teach the machines will be the key to survival. Love might be the most amazing invention and most important human survival skill.
Link to Nature Girl on Spotify

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Classic Cryoshell like never before

Dear Cryoshell supporters, both the loyal fans from back in 2006 when the whole thing started and hopefully a growing number of new followers that will discover the band for the first time now.
We are extremely happy to finally start bringing out something new and this single is a very special song that has it's own history.
10 years ago "Gravity Hurts" was heard for the first time. Now a decade later "tension is rising" and this is the first time Christine has recorded the tune. The orchestration is a dream come true. To have a full Symphonic orchestra perform this tune truly shows off the filmic qualities of Cryoshell's music. A great collaboration between Budapest Art Orchestra, Mikkel Maltha and Peter Due arranging and Jacob Hansen mixing and off cause Christine on this demanding and emotional vocal.
We think this is the perfect way to kick off the next phase of Cryoshell. The sound of the band is evolving but the epic themes and big emotions are intact. You will soon hear more examples of what Cryoshell sound like in 2018 and both electronic and acoustic sounds will blend into the next album, "Next to Machines". The plan is to release a full album some time this spring and even issue a limited vinyl edition. Cryoshell merchandise is also on the drawing board and you will be the first to know when and how to get closer to the truth and to the band.
We are reissuing all the old Cryoshell material and this time on our own label. All material will be available on all digital platforms in the future. This is a new beginning and if you measure the warmup period we are more than ready for action. We are a independent company and all efforts are self financed so every download and play counts. Thanks for your support.
We can't wait to bring you the next single and hopefully it will launch within weeks. Something will also hit Youtube in a short while so as we have said many times "stay tuned"