Monday, December 19, 2016

RebelNature concept drawing of Mutated Brittlestar emerging from the deep

I you wonder what effect the plastic pollution of the oceans has on the marine life then meet this new mutated gadget wearing brittlestar, crawling up the metal leg of RIG21 in the Rebel Nature universe.
Sadly there is plenty of food for this new specie and it is just a taste of what is happening deeper down. This is not a "bad-guy" in the common sense. It is evolution mixed with human waste and technology.

Friday, December 16, 2016

New Rebel Nature concept room at Ghost VFX

Hi everybody and merry Christmas. 2016 has been turbulent and exciting. Now things are taking shape and the select team is gathering in the new RebelNature facility at Ghost VFX. We had some of the concept visuals printet in big size and it is like stepping straight into the new IP when you enter the Rebel Nature concept lab. 2017 is looking more and more epic. I cant't believe... -IT IS HAPPENING!:)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NOT just another day at the Ghost office!!!

It was never in question but today it is official that Ghost VFX deliver the stuff legends are made of. The poster you see here with dedication from ILM and the director, appeared in the Ghost office and we all vent to Copenhagen's biggest cinema to see Rogue One and guess who was on the creditlist...
Ghost VFX is simply the best and most dedicated company with the coolest crew.
It is amazing, quite surreal and historic for a Danish company and it promises great for future epic projects like our own Rebel Nature. Christmas definitely came early this year.

Merry Christmas from Goodman Rock and Rebel Nature

Snow falls heavy around the rocky outpost in the middle of the ocean nicknamed Goodman Rock. The lights are on and we are planning that 2017 is going to be Rebel Epic on many accounts. The amazing crew at Ghost has been busy doing a lot of other mind-blowing new projects that you will hear about very soon. But for now have a fantastic holiday, merry christmas and get ready for an epic 2017. #RebelNature #GoodmanRock #GhostVFX #FaberFuel

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A tribute to all the true heroes of Bionicle. You the fans!

"Mask of time" made from pure protodermis, lie waiting in the sand, waiting to be discovered. Waiting to give it's bearer the ultimate power. Even a Turaga who have seen it all will search for that. The power to change time. The power to create legends. It is right there, grab it and grab it now!

"The stories we hear and the stories we tell, shapes who we are and what we do". This is what I have learned from working with creative storytelling through almost 30 years and no story has proven this stronger than Bionicle. The fans was, is and will be the true heroes of a story that becomes a legend.

I made this piece of Bionicle fan art earlier this year, on request of the french fansite It is a tribute celebrating their 10-years anniversary. At the same time it is a tribute to all who have been a part of this great adventure.
Please share this with all the fans you know. This one is for you!

Res Waveborn's leap of faith

Creating the new RebelNature story universe and launching the startup feels a lot like taking a "leap of faith", jumping into the unknown. You have to believe in the future and the survival skills you have learned through the years. One thing is certain, it is not going to be easy or routine.