Thursday, April 25, 2013

The LEGO Friends case
Working on the the creation of the property and the launch campaign for LEGO Friends has been the wildest experience and the result speaks for itself. I was lucky being a part of this "giant leap for LEGO".
Left you see a romantic snapshot from the LEGO Friends filmset.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hero Factory Moc

I was asked if I could show any Hero Factory concept art but that is not possible yet. However I can show you what I am building in my spare time. The HF building system is fantastic. This moc is not part of any launch but just a freestyle character done for fun. Hope to bring you more later.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Barraki 2006 Teaser poster

“Welcome to the deep” was a statement that had a ironic twist because the creatures awaiting the heroes in the pit were like nothing we had ever seen before. They had organic shells and live squid amo and were ready for a warm welcome. So here they are all looking down at you as you awake from the impact with the seabed.

Vahki 2004 Teaser poster

The concept tag line was “Obey or Run” and these bad guys were no joke. They were the first transformable Bionicle characters with both 2-legs and 4-legs pose and radical design features.

2004 Movie teaser poster

This poster uses a very early concept drawing of how I first imagined Metru Nui. A very dark organic bio mechanical universe that was based on caves, tunnels and tubes.

Takanuva and Makuta 2003 posters

These 2 posters were done to really set up the epic battle between Takanuva and Makuta. This was a battle set by destiny and even the first letter of their logos were made to fit into each others negative shape.

Bionicle 2003 Teaser poster

This poster intended to foretell the prophecy of the 7th Toa. By showing the constellation of the 6 Toa shaping Mata Nui and the 7th Toa appearing as a comet in the centre. Jala is looking up into the night sky from the temple in the jungle trying to make sense of the events.

1 year of Faber Files

It is little over a year since I started the Faber Files and it has been great to hear all your feedback and get to show a little from behind the scenes of Bionicle and other stuff. As you may know we are currently very busy with the production of the 2014 special and that is like a dream come true. Hope that it continues right to the last frame is ready for premièring. 
To celebrate the first year and soon post number 100 I will post a series of posters that was done as teasers and concept tests. Some were used and some served as inspiration.