Thursday, April 25, 2013

The LEGO Friends case
Working on the the creation of the property and the launch campaign for LEGO Friends has been the wildest experience and the result speaks for itself. I was lucky being a part of this "giant leap for LEGO".
Left you see a romantic snapshot from the LEGO Friends filmset.

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  1. This is a very neat video. I had already learned a lot about the research LEGO did into the way girls played and the design work they did to create a toy that suited that audience, but it's good to know just how much you and your colleagues at Advance were able to contribute.

    Incidentally, were you involved in any of the previous attempts at girl-oriented LEGO themes (Paradisa/Belville/Scala/Clikits)? If so, was working on LEGO Friends a really different experience for you? I was a bit of a fan of Paradisa when I was a kid (of course, the sets were always ostensibly "gifts for Mom", but you can imagine who had the most fun building with them), but LEGO Friends definitely has a much richer experience to offer.