Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Takanuva and Makuta 2003 posters

These 2 posters were done to really set up the epic battle between Takanuva and Makuta. This was a battle set by destiny and even the first letter of their logos were made to fit into each others negative shape.


  1. Seeing these two pictures side by side really makes me appreciate the subtle differences in how Takanuva and Makuta are portrayed here. Takanuva's mask is smooth and polished (moreso than even a lot of promo art of the Toa Mata masks) while Makuta's mask is rough and pitted. Takanuva faces the viewer; Makuta has his chin turned down and glares up at the viewer. The glow of Takanuva's eyes is soft, while Makuta's eyes have a fiery aura emanating from them. Props for great graphic design!

  2. I want the Makuta one for my room so bad! Were these ever for sale?