Saturday, April 28, 2012

Karda Nui concept

This is probably the tallest concept drawing I have ever done. It depicts the entire year of 2008 in side view. It shows one of the many stalactites with the Matoran villages on top and the great swamp at the bottom where the Codrex would later be found. I know that a stalactite is supposed to hang from the ceiling and that was also the case with this piece of rock but it broke off from the ceiling and got stuck vertically in the deep swamp.

I had a 2-meter tall print of this drawing hanging behind me in the office for years.


  1. Any chance you'll make some of these available in poster print size? Or do you not have the original high resolution files anymore?

    I can understand how difficult it would be to keep tabs on such things all this time. Just having these readily available is incredible by my standards. :)

  2. Poster size may be awersome. BTW, all of yout concept arts are beautiful ! Thanks a lot.

  3. That'd be great to see a photo of this poster hanging on your wall ^^