Thursday, April 5, 2012

Slizer/Throwbots Planet

In 1998 I made this illustration of the Slizer/Throwbot planet. A concept made for LEGO where 7 tribes of robotic creatures fought to gain land on the planet. It was quickly nicknamed "Pizza planet". It was done using some basic shapes and textures from the 3D program Bryce and a whole lot of Photoshop Wacom drawing. The whole idea of a constructible action figure in an elemental setting (Lava, Jungle, Mountain, Cloud, Urban, Ice and water) was born with Slizer but first came to its full potential 2 years later with BIONICLE.


  1. wow this brings back memories i didnt know you did this i was amazed at these pictures of the throwbots/slizers , i have a new show based off this theme and i always loot to your work for inspiration i would be honored if you saw this

  2. I would love to get my hands on that Bryce 3D model, or any other Lego 3D models you have, if you still have any. They're so beautiful; they need to be preserved in model format forever.

  3. i remember the throwbots! looking back now i can see how lego slowly developed the robot technic theme into bionicle. i had no idea you had been the art designer the whole time-- that is really awesome!