Saturday, April 7, 2012

The first Bionicle canister was a seed

This is the first sketch I did back in 99 of the canister in the open sea. The design was originally seed shaped. The coconut was used as inspiration where the nut floats from island to island in the south pacific to colonize new land. In the same way the canister (originally named the “Amphi Seed”) would settle on the beach and at one point it would burst open to release the “bionicle bones”.  The Toa would later assembly itself on the beach.


  1. I am starting to upload my old sketches and design work. It seem some old Bionicle fans are quit interested in seeing the concept work that went into Bionicle and the ideas that came before.

  2. I AM quite interested! This is epic, it has stirred up the BIONICLE community a little more.^^

  3. At this point, was it decided that the canisters/seeds would be the shape the packaging would take?