Thursday, April 12, 2018

What is the purpose of creativity

I'm one of the very privileged people who for 30 years have been living from my creativity on a daily basis. I've learned the skills and tools of effective storytelling, world building and marketing through commercial use with the one primary goal, to sell as much stuff as possible. Now it is time to put this skill to new use and create stories and inspiration for the near future. Stories that potential can change the way our children and grandchildren live and act. Stories that try to capture this amazing moment in human evolution where we actually have the individual chance to change the way we use technology and pass on this planet we are so incredibly lucky to experience. Start living like we are an active part of it all instead of acting like this place is a 5-star resort where we are on an all-inclusive well deserved vacation and somebody else will take out the trash. Our great grandchildren will look back at this period, the way we look at the dark ages. They won't know us personally but they will see the results of our choices. "The things you DON'T do in live echoes in eternity. Stop making echoes and start making value for the future. Consider the future as your most important client. This client won't pay you with money but with an invaluable purpose of your life and creativity.

My first project on this journey is REBEL NATURE. A full-blown IP in development across multiple media platforms including app games, VR experiences, music, museum and science projects as well as a live action feature film “Waveborn” set in a near-future world where technology and nature has joined forces and humanity has become the endangered species… 

REBEL NATURE sets out to be the first fully sustainable story universe where all activities are build around new sustainable solutions such as new innovative material to replace plastic, new ways to interact with the audience and rethinking the way we do merchandise and why.

We are a small group of dedicated professionals working to bring this to life and we are currently seeking funding and partners so if you want to be a part of a new purpose we are ready to talk. All collaborations are of interest as long as the future is the client.
Please share and comment. We are in constant beta and always ready to listen.

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