Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear BZPower, this one is for you and all your supporters and fans. "You'll take it from here"

I have always wanted to show my gratitude for all the years of passion, ideas, feedback and greatness that has filled the BZPower blog and community from the early days of the legend until today, and what better way than to do some creative work to show my appreciation.

This design is actually a suggestion for the BZPower, Mahri themed t-shirt competition that is currently running on the BZPower site.

This is an original tribute piece done exclusively for BZPower and the fans.

Exactly this point of the legend means a lot to me. The point where Matoro sweeps in, grabs the Mask of Life and takes the challenge and saves the day. The words are for all the fans who wear the t-shirt and keep the legend alive: “We’ll take it from here”. Especially at this point in time, the fans are the legend.

Here is a 2 color versions of the possible t-shirt


  1. Looks awesome! This 2007 theme was a big change in the world of Bionicle. The story became more complex and everything began to happen so fast comparing to the years before. This was a great year with a unique atmosphere and this design reflects it very well, great job!

  2. We value what you've done for the community to an immeasurable degree, dude. This is awesome.

  3. We appreciate your precious artwork and job for the Bionivle community! We will always be thankful to you and everyone who keeps the legend alive in the fans around the world!

  4. Is the t-shirt for sale?
    If so, can you send me the link?

  5. Right now and till the end of the week I think, there is a vote going on on BZPower for which design will go on the T-shirt of the year representing BZPower. So it is in the hands of the fans right now:)

    1. Good to know. Care to send a link once it's done?

  6. This was a great year with a unique atmosphere and this design reflects it very well, great job!


  7. So, did you win or not? I am so confused.