Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Goodbye to Turaga beach

Log update from Turaga beach.
"I don’t know my exact location. None of my instruments are functioning but this view is amazing. The sunrise looks surreal from my spot on the beach. I have just awakened from a long sleep. I don’t know how long I have been unconscious. In front of me lies the infinite ocean with an unreal silhouette on the horizon. It looks like a figment of my imagination. Maybe it is just a strange cloud formation. Things look weathered and overgrown around me. It seems I know the place, the beach where it all started but at the same time it feels foreign and changed, filled with memories and ghosts of the past. To the right of me is a rough strange looking shed build out of all kind of scrap materials and littered around me lie boxes and tubes with unknown content. I have forgotten how I ended up here but there were many battles, victories and defeats. Now it must be time. I have to move on from this place. I don’t want to become another spirit of the past. I will clean up and pack what I can carry. The future awaits and I want to travel light.
It is time to say goodbye to Turaga beach".


  1. Amazing. Your art and storytelling have been a huge part of my childhood (and beyond!) and continue to instill so many feelings. I can’t wait to see what comes next – good luck in your future endeavours!

  2. Mr. Faber: I admire you and all your work, especially Bionicle. It literally shaped my childhood and the person I am today. The story alone is simply phenomenal and I only wish that I could create something so amazing. I thank you for your work. I admire the image of Turaga Beach, it makes me sad that the past is in the past but it makes me happy to look forward to the future. I wish you good luck on your future endeavors. You are my hero and I thank you for everything you have done, and wish you success for the future :)