Saturday, June 2, 2012

The final showdown

This concept poster was done in 2006 trying to envision what the battle in Karda Nui between the Toa and the brotherhood of Makuta would look like. 
At that point I had no idea what the actual product would look like, only that this would be a battle in mid air so here you see a Toa riding some kind of glider. He is being chased by an evil looking craft or creature looking like a blend between an “M” for Makuta and a manta ray. It shoots energy blasts and hits the wing of the Toa craft. The fight takes place just next to the “great fall” the water pouring into Karda Nui and Av-Matoran are watching from the fragile suspension bridges between their villages.


  1. All I can say is wow! This poster really does give a certain kind of epic feeling. I've heard that in 2006, the Karda Nui saga was planned around the Toa Inika, instead of Toa Nuva, who were the heroes of 2008 in the final version. It looks like the Toa would've needed vehicles for flight instead of receiving flying armor. Looks amazing! Thank you for giving us these pieces of art!

  2. We had wait so long the Nuva Team's come back :D The next poster of karda nui's story was very awesome.