Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bionicle Heroes cover concepts

At Advance we did a lot of different cover suggestions for the Bionicle Heroes game and the face off between an Inika and a Piraka was chosen for the final cover but here are two of the other suggestions. 

This cover concept uses a very graphic style with a silhouetted hero seen from the back facing a horde of redeye villains symbolizing the impossible task the Inika are facing.

The other cover concept shows Hahli Inika coming ashore on the very hostile coast of Voya Nui. The rocky coast resembles the face of a Piraka


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  2. I like how the BB bionicle symbol/ UDD Map is hidden on the first one...that's a great touch. I think the face-off works better than these two though, I'm kind of glad it was chosen...not that these aren't excellent works, it's just the face off works bette rin my mind.

  3. Too bad that game sucked so hard. I wish that it could look like on these concepts.