Friday, September 9, 2016

A new setup and a new gallery

A full can of FF Zero G floats just above the sand waiting to refuel a well-traveled craft

This visual is an attempt to show what I intend to deliver through my new company called Faber Fuel. It also marks the launch of a Gallery where I will collect my original artwork, photos and concepts from the past and present. Please visit, like, comment and share (That is my best fuel).
Link to the Faber Gallery blog

The name Faber Fuel comes from the idea of this faraway FF "Gas"station in the middle of an amazing rocky dessert where all kind of vehicles and characters land to get re-fueled before going on new adventures. The travelers both give and get inspiration and stories and they know that this is no ordinary fuel. It is FF Zero G and it neutralizes gravity giving amazing positive lift and power to go anywhere. Zero G basically gives you the power to travle infinite distances and infinite time in a single thought with almost no harmful emission:)
The FF station is just a thought away and I hope to see you there for a refill, a chat and new adventures.

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