Friday, August 26, 2016

Sketches from Turaga Beach - Tribute to the fans

Dear longtime fans of a certain biological chronicle. This video is an attempt to do a Turaga Beach tribute to the real heroes of this story and that is all the fans who joined and build the adventure through all those years. Your imagination and creativity is what it has been about since the beginning. I've used an unreleased version of an old #Cryoshell tune.
I came upon an early mix of "Closer to the truth" and for some reason it fits really nicely. It has a melancholic and fragile tone that is broken up by raw guitar riffs. The text also has some of the good references to the ending of G2 and then there is the alternative ending that has a nice "Kick" to it.

Now everybody is Turaga and it is time to move on from the beach wether you sail out or move inland to find new stories, pause a while, turn your head and look behind you a last time before you leave. You have everything you need in your memories and all the fuel you need in your imagination to go on new adventures. Go, go, go I'll see you on another beach someday.

Link to the memories


  1. Can you please post images of that rahkshi poster that only has turahks on it? Can you also please post those sketches of from 2:14, 2:39 and 2:47 of that video?


  3. Thank you so much! I really liked the prototype weapon Mata Nui had. Might build it someday. The unreleased version of Closer to the Truth was really cool to hear as well!

  4. Can you also please post those sketches of from 2:14, 2:39 and 2:47 of that video?

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