Friday, June 10, 2016

What you don't see will hurt you...

I apologise for this sinister image but it is an image that has grown in my mind and I had to try to create it.
If you see it upside down you might recognise an old black/white picture from 1945.

I fear that the plastic pollution of the oceans is to resemble with a slow detonating bomb of unknown magnitude and effect. The bomb has exploded but the effect is longterm and probably won't effect me and if I'm lucky not my kids but then what.
We are going to be measured very hard by future generations if we don't act knowing what is wrong. So like smoking some years ago was considered a human right and now is strictly regulated. Our use and attitude to plastic has to change dramatically. Plastic is oil and it has to be contained. If a supertanker spills oil in the ocean it becomes a giant press story but the 8 million ton of plastic that is estimated to be spilled in the ocean each year all over the world goes invisible.
It ought to be a human duty to collect plastic everywhere we see it and not a human right to throw it away. If we don't start acting biology will change and nature will rebel. RebelNature is an adventure but it has a very important inspiration.

What you don't see... concept video link


  1. Wow... This is an amazing design! Your work is inspirational! I'm really excited for the Rebel Nature project and I want to see more :D

  2. very chilling, I love this piece it looks great and there is a message behind it that is all too true. I believe the planet is essentially a giant living thing that is being abused. Mr Faber, I think you would be glad to know that there are organically produced plastics being developed. I held some of it today and it felt just like plastic but it apparently only takes 10 years to biodegrade into harmless bio matter. Here is a fascinating article on this biodegradable replacement. Its a good read.