Friday, December 4, 2015

Name suggestions from the time before time

Straight from the ancient BIONICLE archives here are two name suggestions that were in the final round of brainstorm just before the BIOlogical chroNICLE name was forged.


  1. Oh, interesting. I do prefer the final name, though. :) I'm curious about the images: Are they concept art from back then, or did you make them specifically for this revelation on your blog?

  2. Replies
    1. Chronologically that would not be correct because Dooheads came before the round where these names were on the table. Dooheads and Woodooheads were part of the concept that was rejected because of a very bad test result. They failed because of the "loosing the head" function where the head jumped off when hit at a certain point. None of the kids liked that and it was back to the drawing table and time for alternative ideas, such as the masks, luckily!

  3. what does the afterman title mean?