Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday 13th 2015. The sad day Mona Lisa lost her smile

It is hard to find words for the events in Paris.
When it comes to ways of thinking this almost seems like WW3. The past fighting with the present about the future.
Here is the impact shown on a classic painting form Paris. Now her smile is gone but the dream of freedom and peace is stronger than ever. We have so many common problems on this planet that we could begin to solve, if we could stop fighting and killing each other. 


  1. I'm French, and even if I'm not living in Paris, I'm really concerned by what's happen. I have some friends living Paris, family. Thankfully they are safe, but hundreds of persons aren't and won't be anymore.
    I totally share your words and thinking. Unfortunately, a peaceful world is only utopia. History is full of barbarians and extremist persons, and will always be.
    I deeply wish that this starting war won't last and won't take the life of other innocent people.

    ~Thibaut / Piruk

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree with your worries and I think that we are at a very crucial and defining point in the human history because we have modern consumerism, powerfull technology, environmental problems and still medieval religious views mixed in a uncontrollable cocktail. Democracy is really being put to the test but it is the best alternative, it is just so fragile.