Wednesday, October 7, 2015

RebelNature sketching for #Inktober 2015

The whole month of October there is an event running on social media called #inktober where people who loves to draw upload 1 handmade ink drawing every day of the month. I'm trying to do a #RebelNature related drawing every day and upload it. I have a theme called "New species" and I will depict some of the new marine animals that are evolving in the ocean around #Rig21

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  1. I am so definitely getting the app when it some out [:P] And every other bit of software/hardware I can get my hands on [:P] I can tell that Rebel Nature is gonna be just as intriguing ad Bionicle was/is,and I have you to thank for that. Mr. Faber, as the old Bionicle song "Kurt Rocks" goes, you and the Templar studios people Rocked. My. World. [:P]