Monday, July 20, 2015

Getting inspiration and sketching Goodman Rock Research Station. A new RebelNature location

#GoodmanRock Research Station is taking shape. It is build on a rugged rock formation jutting out of the deep ocean. This is one of the important locations in the #RebelNature universe. It is part of the prehistory of #Rig21. The story is being build like a giant unfinished puzzle so the adventure and mystery grows with every piece.
 Vacation time is also inspiration time so here I am at the small Danish island Bornholm where the rocky formations gives lots of inspiration for Goodman Rock.
In the picture of the cave I have just been 70m inside a very narrow cave where apparently lives a very big cave spider that bites:) Found out about that after I came out and my Iphone and only lightsource ran out of power half way out.
Enough Indiana Jones for that day.

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