Friday, January 23, 2015

The "smart" generation

Smart tech is redefining us as human beings and we are constantly checking our artificial handheld new brain. I wonder how the coming generations will look back at this point in time.
Below you can see the original Giacometti sculpture at Louisiana museum of modern art north of Copenhagen.


  1. It's a little disappointing how much this generation is relying on the 'Artificial handled new brain' as you put it.

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  2. I can see why you think that. Technology is becoming the barer of human kind's problems. The next generations should learn how to rely on how to use their own brains because technology might fail one day. They also need to learn how to use the technology for what it's meant to be used for. They think it's only for entertainment, but it's there in my opinion it's to do simple things for them so they have more time to do other things, not just make them free from chores.