Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Rebel Nature story manifest

"Dreams from the past becomes nightmares of the future"
Plastic is a dream material. It can become anything you need and make your life so easy but now it is becoming the nightmare of the near future. Forget religion and political conflicts because this challenge is something everybody on the planet is facing. This is where Rebel Nature gets its fuel because I truly believe that stories can change the future. This is the kind of story I want to tell. Not by patronizing but by engaging in a adventurous universe where anything could happen if you start to act instead of waiting. Pick up that piece of plastic you see next time you are on the beach.

Right now the fast-running flow of entertainment is turning storytelling into big business. Stories are shaped by focus groups and market analysis with the goal to sell as much merchandise as possible. Stories have become a commodity.

We need to understand that stories shape our dreams and our future. At some point it is the only trace we set for future generations to understand our actions. At some point, storytelling and creativity must set new goals.

Rebel Nature is a “do good/feel good” story project with the ambition to create a fully CSR certified entertainment property.

Rebel Nature will try to prove that storytelling is one of the most important human survival skills.

Christian Faber
Founder of Goodman Rock


  1. That thing in the water looks like Toa Mata canisters.

  2. Good point but it's NOT:)
    It is an empty plastic packaging. Once containing a health shoot of "Easy Life"promising to make you live longer (with certain "minor" side effects, written with very small letters:).

  3. I do love a good story. Looks very exciting! :)

  4. Ooh, this looks interesting! I'll be keeping an eye out for this. Good luck!

  5. This looks quite promising. Can you tell us the setting of this story, like in the future on Earth, or in a made-up world like Bionicle? Also, is it a personal project or something you've been hired to do that you've been allowed to share?

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