Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In memory of my father

Dear blog readers. This post is different than the normal work related posts on my blog but I want to commemorate my father that passed away last month. He had 86 good years with good health but still it is a chock and a surreal experience to loose your parents. I did this drawing short time after his death to try to capture him for the future. To do a drawing is a good way to focus your thoughts and make feelings concrete. He was a good father and a great friend and I will miss him deeply.


  1. My condolences, I'm sure he was a great man. It never gets better but it will get easier.

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Even though I don't know the man, as long as he played any part in steering you towards the incredibly productive creative path you've been on for so many years, then his was a life well-lived.

  3. Thank you so much for your thoughts. It means a lot. If anything this has convinced me about pursuing the creative dreams instead of waiting for it to happen. I will try to push even harder to do better and more unique projects and put effort into every hour of this wonderful thing called life.