Saturday, September 1, 2012

These are very exciting times

Dear all who are visiting this blog. I want to say that the interest is very inspiring and that this indeed is very exciting times.
I am definitely no running out of Bionicle “behind the scenes” material. It is more a question of getting the time to do the posts. I’m busy doing future projects.

First and foremost it is amazing and great to see how well (and deserved) LEGO is doing all over the world and that I’m extremely proud to be part of the team helping LEGO to reach it’s full potential. We have helped LEGO with the launch of LEGO Friends and this is going to change the girl’s connection with the greatest toy in the world for decades to come. Go girls and get creative!!!

We are currently working on several fantastic projects with LEGO. Some of them would make fantastic news on this blog… but my lips are sealed. Meanwhile here you can see a little teaser.

I am also working on my own film/story project and you will all hear much more about this soon. I can only say that it is a project I am doing in close collaboration with my old friends at Ghost VFX. This is going to ROCK.


  1. Advance and Ghost working together? I think this can only be awesome!