Friday, August 10, 2012

Earliest Toa location sketches

Hi all, Back to work and back to the blog. This post contains the earliest sketches I could find of the environments on Mata Nui. It is actually the sketches that were the foundation for the Toa key visuals that were used in the original campaign at launch in 2001. The environments can also be seen in the Toa presentation spots that went on the CD-ROM. 


  1. Hi! I was wondering why you did not post a picture of Kopaka's region here. And also, do you have more concept art of the six original Toa? I would love to see some more of what our favorite heroes once looked like.

  2. Hey Faber, Love the blog you have. I have a question. Before the 2001 Rahi was brought out, was there any other Rahi ideas that didn't make it to production of the sets?

    You have the Muaka & Kane Ra, Nui jaga, Nui Rama, Tarakava and the Manas. But was there other Rahi that was designed or was put on the table as a idea?

    I'm just wondering because there was the Sand Tarakava. So may there have been other infected Rahi that was going to be one of the main titans of the 2001 story line, that was decided not to be put into the story line for what ever reasons? Thanks