Friday, May 18, 2012

Opening the Codrex

When the Toa insert the keystone the Codrex will spring into life and the multiple layers of solid protodermis perfectly held in place by magnetism will glide into position creating a perfect tunnel to the core. This is where the Toa get their power boost: the battle vehicles and this is where Matoro later on will impact with the core and ignite Mata Nui.


  1. Wait, MATORO was supposed to wake up Mata Nui, not Toa Ignika? Well, I think that would have been more interesting.

    1. Technically I suppose you could call Matoro the in turn Toa Ignika was Matoro? Maybe that is what he meant?

  2. According to the original story plan, 2008 was supposed to involve the Toa Inika as flying Toa, trying to save Mata Nui's life. So this is about reviving Mata Nui, not awakening him, I suppose.