Sunday, May 6, 2012


I could fill a whole blog alone with Cryoshell and all the great times I have had with the band and the music that was a big part of the Bionicle package. I have always been mad about music and the way it can tell stories and convey emotions without words so it was natural to try to incorporate music into Bionicle. So a big thanks to Eddie Simonsen from Mainstream and Mikkel Maltha, Kasper Søderlund and Christine Lorentzen from Cryoshell for making the music of Bionicle a legend on its own.

In this post you see the sketch of the Cryoshell logo and the final version.


  1. Wait, so Cryoshell was CREATED for BIONICLE? I did not know that. I especially didn't know you created their logo.
    This blog is so informative, please keep it up!^^

  2. I think it is fair to say that Cryoshell developed on their own along side Bionicle and that the themes of Bionicle inspired the band. Musically the band has been totally in control all the time and their style is their own. Their sound just felt right for Bionicle and vice versa.