Friday, May 18, 2012

The Codrex Concept

I drew this color sketch in 2007 to cross section the swamp of Karda Nui.

The core of the Bionicle universe is inside this massive sphere of protodermis. When the heart is running this sphere is hanging in cero gravity in the centre of the heart firing ignition energy in all direction like a sparkplug in an engine. Now it is stuck in the swamp. But when ignited all matter around it in the heart will vaporise into pure energy. Matoro wearing the Ignika finally did the ultimate heroic deed and restarted the heart in 2008 sacrificing himself in the process.


  1. That means Toa Inika story should have been three years long, not two, and Matoro was supposed to die in 2008?

  2. All the concept sketches you see on this blog came before the official storyline so often there were different ideas on the table for the different events. In 2008 The Ignika ended up creating a body for itself in Karda Nui to be able to help the heroes and finally ignite the heart. If The mask of life was able to create a body for itself maybe it was also able to absorb a hero and maybe that was what happened to Matoro when he sacrificed himself and plunged into Karda Nui at the end of 2007.