Friday, July 8, 2016

The new frontier. Dark matter engine test

This is a concept drawing of a test plane using a dark-matter engine. The future of the #RebelNature universe is taking shape and Res Waveborn is in the middle of the quantum leap that nature and humans are about to take.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Low gravity craft concept sketches

Rainy days are good for especially one thing and that is free sketching on the Ipadpro. Here you have 2 crafts/vehicles form a low gravity planet where vehicles can float just above the surface if they have  zero gravity tanks abord. Maybe I can find place for these in the future edition of #RebelNature or some other type of story/universe.
This low gravity freighter can detach into 3 separate crafts
One seater supercharged gravity speeder

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Res diving into danger

Concept drawing of Res Waveborn diving into danger in a new type of innovative all-terrain vehicle. It works as well above water as below and is build out of spare parts from a research sub and a jet plane plus a new experimental dark-matter engine. The pilot sits on a free floating seat moving inside the sphere. 
This is the danger zone and right behind the tiny craft a giant mutated ray hunts the prey. The lifeforms underwater has totally changed and this is just below the surface. Imagine what awaits deeper down. #RebelNature and #ResWaveborn will travel sea, air and land when the universe unfolds:)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Flashback to Brazil

Back in 2003 after coming home from 10 days vacation in RIO to the cold winter in Copenhagen, I was desperately seeking the iconic softdrink that is an important part of everyday life on the beach.
At that time Guarana was not imported to Denmark but by strange coincidence I met the guy who was planing to independently import the brand. I spottet a logo streamer in the back of his car and stopped him to ask if he knew about the brand in DK. I ended up helping him make a small campaign for the launch in DK. I did some posters and postcards, got them printet and delivered them to the bars and cafe's around Copenhagen. It never went as big as it was/is in Brazil but you can still get the brand in Denmark and soon all eyes will be on Rio so here is a little taste.

The Guarana effect, showing Denmark as a tropical island
A poster inside a poster showing the famous sidewalk of Ipanema

Monday, June 27, 2016

Res Waveborn Escape RIG21 - LOG

Res in her hideaway on RIG21 preparing for the escape.

I have been preparing for this all my life. I had no idea this was where it was all going. Everything I did, every move I made was always leading to this. The switch is in place. Inside Mind One’s protective shield like my father designed it. It will make the entire rig sink into the ocean. We need to get out before that happens.

We can do it. As long as Scraper doesn’t run out of power…

Friday, June 24, 2016


#RebelNature is all about using story and visuals to make change in our approach to consumption and environment. Plastic in nature is a big issue but often it is covered by waves and foliage so here are 3 visuals where the problem is difficult to overlook.
Please use, share and spread these posters if you agree that we and the coming generations have a giant issue right outside our door. Try to consider if you really need that plastic bag or that plastic lid for your coffee to go.

Friday, June 17, 2016

4 faces from the past

Fire Slizer/Throwbot
Sub Slizer/Throwbot
Jungle Slizer
Judge Slizer
Cleaning up some old files these 4 faces suddenly stared at me from a distant past (1998)
This is the original illustrations that went on the faceplates of 4 of the Slizer/Throwbots. It was important to make the face asymmetrical and chaotic with reference to the different environments to give them a unique personal look. #Slizer #Throwbots