Friday, February 5, 2016

Goodman Rock Concept sketch

The Green Beacon research station in the southern ocean is taking shape. This is where part of RebelNature origins. Goodman Rock will play an important role in the future and the past of RebelNature. It's a fully self-sustaining station with wind and wave power, greenhouse spheres and a deep sea elevator to the algae research platform at 2000 feet. The Green beacon algae is the groundbreaking discovery that powers the research and many things to come...

Here you have the speed paint sequence with a instrumental version of Breakout from Cryoshell just to celebrate the collaboration.
RebelNature/Goodman Rock concept speed paint

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cryoshell meets RebelNature. A 2016 Kickstarter project

Dear fans of Cryoshell, fans of the original biological chronicle and fans of new and different stories and legends.
This is the teaser of a collaboration between Cryoshell and the team behind RebelNature.
Soon you can help us combine the raw and poetic sound of Cryoshell with a new epic universe and story. 
Soon we will put the project out on KICKSTARTER to try to fund the
production and hopefully give you the best possible music and visual material.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to move inside ice. Mammon credit sequence.

Mammon title screen from the final version
If you ever wondered what it would look like to move through the ice of a frozen Norwegian lake, now you have the chance. This is the credit sequence of the new season of the NRK series Mammon that is a modern drama build on politics, business, religion, money, oil and everything in between.

I worked on this concept together with Ghost and they executed it in perfect hyper-realistic macro style but all in 3D.

With this “Frozen lake” concept we tried to depict all the hidden layers of this complicated story in a poetic and symbolic way. A lot of different pieces of evidence are suspended in the frozen water.  The camera takes us deeper into the darkness of the lake and at the bottom black bubbles of oil are hanging like black pearls.

One of my concept sketches. 2 branches shape a cross

Another concept sketch with a frozen gun

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MaƱana concept poster

Happy New Year to all blog readers. Let's make 2016 count.
Do what you need to do today!
Don't wait until tomorrow.
Your actions shape the future.

Friday, December 18, 2015

“and the Faber15 award goes to…:)”

The Faber15 award is taking shape.
A small step for creativity...:)
It is not everyday that you receive an award but it is even more rare to have an award named after yourself. Nevertheless now that has happened to me!
Last year when I decided to leave my perfect job for 28 years as art director and partner at Advance Copenhagen to pursue my wild creative dream. The good people at Advance created a prize that would be given once a year to a person or team for outstanding and courageous creative work at the agency. At the Advance Christmas party last Friday it was given for the first time and before that I had taken the task to do the statuette (oh-oh, what to do?).
The astronaut theme came natural. When doing creative work it often feels like floating in free and unknown space with the hope that you are on the right track and that you will get back to earth at some point. Hopefully you will be able to depict and describe what you have experienced and make it into communication.

I found a box of Super Sculpey and started modeling. I cut up an old IPhone cord for the tubing, then paint and stickers. The statuette ended up as a desktop pencil holder and I placed a Faber-Castell pencil in the small crater so the ultimate creative tool “the pencil” (or apple pencil) would always be close at hand. For the other hand I did a jerry can full of Faber Fuel (New Anti-gravity formula). The box is a reused IPad package and there you have it: The Faber15 award. Handmade, sustainable and made from recycled materials and creative hope for the future.

Super Sculpey before oven
The devil is in the detail

Recycled box and stickers

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A model match made in heaven

In my street in Frederiksberg/Copenhagen, in a almost hidden basement lies one of the greatest nerd shops. Stoppel Hobby and they have anything a model nerd could wish for.

Last weekend I found this "unthinkable" product. It is the blend of 3 of my most important childhood influences: Airfix meets LEGO meets Spitfire. Amazing! I haven't seen any advertising for this product but it is so cool.
Of cause it doesn't have the detail level of normal Airfix models but I put it together in 5 minutes, without glue or paint! then it is ready play or display. That would have saved me a lot of poisonous paint/glue time and headaches in my childhood.