Friday, June 24, 2016


#RebelNature is all about using story and visuals to make change in our approach to consumption and environment. Plastic in nature is a big issue but often it is covered by waves and foliage so here are 3 visuals where the problem is difficult to overlook.
Please use, share and spread these posters if you agree that we and the coming generations have a giant issue right outside our door. Try to consider if you really need that plastic bag or that plastic lid for your coffee to go.

Friday, June 17, 2016

4 faces from the past

Fire Slizer/Throwbot
Sub Slizer/Throwbot
Jungle Slizer
Judge Slizer
Cleaning up some old files these 4 faces suddenly stared at me from a distant past (1998)
This is the original illustrations that went on the faceplates of 4 of the Slizer/Throwbots. It was important to make the face asymmetrical and chaotic with reference to the different environments to give them a unique personal look. #Slizer #Throwbots

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Whale skeleton discovered in the Coral desert. Concept drawing

The #RebelNature universe and story is expanding. Here is a concept drawing of scientists taking samples of a whale skeleton in the Coral desert. They are riding an AT uni wheel gyroscooter.

Friday, June 10, 2016

What you don't see will hurt you...

I apologise for this sinister image but it is an image that has grown in my mind and I had to try to create it.
If you see it upside down you might recognise an old black/white picture from 1945.

I fear that the plastic pollution of the oceans is to resemble with a slow detonating bomb of unknown magnitude and effect. The bomb has exploded but the effect is longterm and probably won't effect me and if I'm lucky not my kids but then what.
We are going to be measured very hard by future generations if we don't act knowing what is wrong. So like smoking some years ago was considered a human right and now is strictly regulated. Our use and attitude to plastic has to change dramatically. Plastic is oil and it has to be contained. If a supertanker spills oil in the ocean it becomes a giant press story but the 8 million ton of plastic that is estimated to be spilled in the ocean each year all over the world goes invisible.
It ought to be a human duty to collect plastic everywhere we see it and not a human right to throw it away. If we don't start acting biology will change and nature will rebel. RebelNature is an adventure but it has a very important inspiration.

What you don't see... concept video link

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Flashback to Hero Factory episode 11 concept. Shrineroom

A quick flashback to 3 years ago when we worked hard on creating the world behind Hero Factory episode 11 "Invasion from below".
The basalt Shrineroom underneath Antropolis created in ancient times. Warning the future not to enter the underground

Concept sheet describing the look of the Shrine room and Big drop

Much has been said about Hero Factory and episode 11. But given all the compromises and budget issues, voice talent that wasn't available... - bottom line I think this episode produced entirely by Ghost and Advance, actually turned out very adventurous and actionpacked.
It was definitely ment to be continued because Heroes do not leave a half done mission. But HF was abandoned and the rest is history.
A fun fact behind episode 11 is that it is seen more than 5 million times on different Youtube profiles.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Res Waveborn inside the core of RIG21 - Mind1

Concept drawing of Res inside the core of RIG21, Mind1. She doesn't wear anything metallic and is therefore undetected by Mind1, for the time being...

Abandoned futuristic Lighthouse concept - RebelNature "the movie"

The RebelNature universe is expanding and this is one of the locations Res Waveborn will visit on her adventure.