Friday, June 8, 2012

The design of Voya Nui

 The Ignition trilogy that kicked off in 2006 was all about getting the Toa on a great quest. This was an adventure that would send the heroes into fantastic unknown location to meet amazing opponents, all in the chase to restart the heart of Mata Nui.
The next 3 years of story would take the heroes from a floating island to the bottom of the sea ending up at the heart of the universe for the final showdown in the air. So all tree environments would come in play ensuring diversity from year to year until 2008.

The floating island of Voya Nui, which actually was the missing piece of the heart, was now in the ocean anchored to the seabed by a chain of molten protodermis. The anchor point was the pit of Mahri Nui that at an early stage broke off and sunk to the bottom capturing a population of Matoran in the deep. The hunt for the mask of life led the heroes to discover the lost Matoran in the deep. So they could be saved and get inside before Mata Nui was revived.


  1. How could there be Matoran living on Voya Nui if the surface of the island was actually a part of the outer shell of Mata Nui?

  2. It seems to me that it got camouflaged like when the island of Mata Nui hid the face of the actual Mata Nui. Maybe when it got dislodged it became an island with the elements. Those are my theroies

  3. Thanks for the comments. The core of Voya Nui is a fragment of the heart of Mata Nui. It was not the outside surface and like in all other vital parts of the Mata Nui, Matoran would have been at work on the outside of the heart but inside the body so when this part was blown out the matoran would have been included. The blown out piece went into freeze mode to preserve it in the water like when you freeze harmed bodyparts. This explains the ice build on the outside of Voya Nui

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