Thursday, September 24, 2015

Some very early RebelNature inspiration from a surprising well

One of my childhood heroes was the legendary Jacques Cousteau and his TV programs about the adventures on Calypso around the globe (more about him later)
Another hero was the author of this sticker collection book that my father got for me at the local gas-station back in 1972. 

I was 6 years old and started my collection right away. This was my introduction to 2 very important elements of my future life. The magic world under the waves and the magic world of advertising. Of cause I got my dad to use the same brand every time we needed gas and advertising became part of my childhood. The book was filled with info and great pictures in a time where there was no digital or internet and great professional color photos were rare. It also had futuristic underwater equipment and a concept painting of the future under water. This was the first concept painting I ever saw and it blew my mind. I wanted to be able to draw stuff like that.

I believe that creativity is connecting the dots (thank you Steve) so it is no coincidence that #RebelNature makes a connection between underwater natural life and evolution and technologic progress and the hunt for resources.
I find it a bit ironic that this piece of inspiration for #RebelNature came from a petrol company.

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