Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vitruvian robot

Inspired by Da Vinci’s famous vitruvian man. Bionicle is the story of biomechanical heroes so it was fun to replicate the illustration in a futuristic version


  1. Whenever I see this image I immediately think of a few things, namely the Vitruvian man, the design structure for the original Toa, and of the Mata Nui robot/design on the Mask of Life. It also seems to evoke the idea of the Mata Nui robot's crash-landing, with the circle suggesting a planet. Could you shed any light on the accuracy of these observations?

    Oh, and I would also like to say that I am absolutely THRILLED that you've decided to do this little project. One of the first things on my agenda every day is to check this website. It is a real treat getting such insight on one of the most influential toylines of my childhood. Thank you so much Mr. Faber!

  2. There's a symbol a lot like this that shows up in the MNOLG as well as the original Toa CDs:

    I made the connection back in 2008 and posted some topics about it on BZP, drawing comparisons between it and the Mask of Life's design. Do you know if the Mask of Life was intentionally designed with that symbol?

  3. There is a clear connection and the Matoran on the island would through the many years of wait, repeat this symbol in all their artwork to keep the mission in mind. At the end the Matoran maybe even forgot what the symbol really meant. Getting Mata Nui back on his feet was what the destiny of Toa was all about. So the early line art, the teaser poster, the mask of light symbol are all connected. Hope it makes sense

  4. This is my favorite Bionicle icon. It looks so mysterious and ancient and epic all at the same time, while still looking as Da Vincian as the Mask of Life et all. I wish they could have used this logo back in the day, and on another note I'm sorry the Legend of Mata Nui video game got cancelled.
    But great job with this logo; Stay Gold.

  5. Bionicle is the story of biomechanical heroes so it was fun to ...