Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hatching Bohrok

This is one of my favourite visuals of the whole legend. It is the moment when the first Bohrok hatches in the cave beneath Mata Nui. This moment holds all the mystery and epic action of Bionicle in one frame. It is biotech at its best in the middle between organic life and mechanic reflex. It also had one of the best taglines of the 9 years: “If you wake one – you wake them all”


  1. I remember when that image first came out. We were all trying to figure out what that ball was and how it unfolded. I remember 'spiders' being a popular theory, but we had to wait a few more years for that. It was an exciting time to be a Bionicle fan!

  2. Images like these got me into Bionicle, and fueled my love of it forever afterward. It's been great to find out about the people who made this possible, such as you, Greg Farshtey, and Binkmeister. But your images in particular have always been awe-inspiring.