Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Flashback to Brazil

Back in 2003 after coming home from 10 days vacation in RIO to the cold winter in Copenhagen, I was desperately seeking the iconic softdrink that is an important part of everyday life on the beach.
At that time Guarana was not imported to Denmark but by strange coincidence I met the guy who was planing to independently import the brand. I spottet a logo streamer in the back of his car and stopped him to ask if he knew about the brand in DK. I ended up helping him make a small campaign for the launch in DK. I did some posters and postcards, got them printet and delivered them to the bars and cafe's around Copenhagen. It never went as big as it was/is in Brazil but you can still get the brand in Denmark and soon all eyes will be on Rio so here is a little taste.

The Guarana effect, showing Denmark as a tropical island
A poster inside a poster showing the famous sidewalk of Ipanema

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