Friday, June 17, 2016

4 faces from the past

Fire Slizer/Throwbot
Sub Slizer/Throwbot
Jungle Slizer
Judge Slizer
Cleaning up some old files these 4 faces suddenly stared at me from a distant past (1998)
This is the original illustrations that went on the faceplates of 4 of the Slizer/Throwbots. It was important to make the face asymmetrical and chaotic with reference to the different environments to give them a unique personal look. #Slizer #Throwbots


  1. 80's airbrushing:D i love it! i also see the influence in the proto matoran you posted a few years back. wires and plate metal and paint:D love the aesthetic!

  2. I actually wonder how Lego was able to mass produce this design - seems like the faceplates super high production value for a Lego set

    1. These were just printed decals; the actual molds were very smooth and simply shaped. I had the fire and the sub ones. Memories!

  3. The 3D modelling community thanks you. :P

    Aw, fond memories of these guys, and it's incredible to see their original prints like this. So much more detail than I realized!

  4. Great to see these! Slizers were some of my favorites when I was a kid and I still have them all.