Thursday, April 9, 2015

Turaga Files - Unboxing the Legend - Exhibit 008-009-010

Ok, get ready for an oldie. This is pre Bionicle back in 1998 when the first ball-joint mounted creatures were about to conquer the world. Slizer/Throwbots were planned to be sold from vending machines and a couple of them actually were constructed for consumer testing. This is the design proposal that I mocked up in an early 3D program (Strata I think:).
Below you can see the full illustrations of the robotic creatures in their environment. To the left the Fire Slizer in the volcanic zone ready to fight the fire monster and to the right the Jungle Slizer taking care of an evil tree.


  1. Why oh why wasn't this real...if only... Imagine Bionicle 2001 being sold like that... My heart would melt. This is totally awesome.

  2. Brilliant idea. If only the Tohunga had been sold that way. XD

  3. I loved Slizers so incredibly much, although I could never keep the names straight because I kept getting both the European and American versions!

    A vending machine would have been amazing.

  4. This is interesting, as I recall reading in "Brick by Brick" that during development, the original BIONICLE canisters were designed so that they could possibly be sold in vending machines. It's neat to see that that idea was kicking around prior to that.

    I still have my old Slizers somewhere from when I was a kid. (Or at least young enough not to question why the Fire Slizer had a head-crotch!)

  5. Well, the vending machine concept is something I never would have imagined.

    Wacky, wild, and cool. I find myself wishing that it had gone through. :) Thanks for showing us this!

  6. Could you please post anything Roboriders related if you have anything? I'm absolutely obsessed with the line, and I would really appreciate it.