Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rocket - custom LEGO edition

Celebrating all the years with Advance and LEGO I got a custom build Rocket at the Advance christmas party last friday and I think it is simply the coolest thing so here it is. Many thanks to the LEGO designer who build it. I will add your name as soon as I get it confirmed.

This Rocket is an extremely flexible craft. 
The Imaginaut (who in this case will be me) travels on a combination of imagination, passion, curiosity and skill. 
Currently it has one seat but it can easily expand to seat more travellers. The Spherical design and special tri-engine setup gives it the ability to hover, fly backwards and land on any surface. It is under constant redesign and will be adjusted to handle any specific situation, even time travel or hostile conditions. I can instantly shrink to pocket size or go invisible if required.

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