Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Faber Files Proudly presents “Rocket”

This is actually a concept I created back in 2010. It was designed to symbolize the journey you take when you try to create new stories and envision new worlds. The tagline was “Rocket – cruising the infinite space between the ears”. 
Now it has become a symbol of the change I’m about to make. The 15th of October 2014 I had been working for 28 years at Advance in Copenhagen and it has been an incredible journey with so many fantastic adventures it is hard to keep track. Since 1986 I have been working creatively on average 4 different LEGO lines every year so when added up that is quite a number. For many reasons 2014 have been the year of change and I have realized that to progress further I have to risk going into the unknown. From the 1st of January 2015 I establish my own 1-man setup and why not call it “Rocket”. From this setup I will still work as a freelance with Advance on LEGO projects but also give full attention to “Rebel Nature” and some other ideas I have in the drawer. This blog will be an important communication tool so thanks for all your support and just wait and see. I will be a lot more active out here in the time to come. I would be great to get some more of you as followers, nudge,nudge;)

This is the "work in progress" logo of my future company
The original logo as it looked back in 2010
A model of Rocket hanging in our office


  1. Wishing you luck on your continuing journey! I, at least, will continue to follow your work with rapt eyes and a smile on my face. (I've been wanting to see more of Rebel Nature, as well... :)

  2. Best of luck in what will come! I'd love to follow your blog but for some reason I keep getting error messages. That won't stop me from checking out your stuff though!