Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mahri transport vehicle design

When the Toa Mahri chased the MOL and had to get to the bottom of the sea in the second half of 2007 we took the opportunity to change the style of the equipment and the tone of voice of the campaign. The Toa Mahri goes into action “special ops style” in a very high-tech underwater transport vehicle and their equipment includes all kind of diving gear and the gatling inspired Cordak blaster. All the equipment the Toa had found in the bottom compartment of the island core. They traveled inside the cord that ran from Voya Nui to the Mahri Nui plateau. Ghost VFX helped rebuild the Toa Terrain Crawler and we designed a full inner cabin for the Intro scenes of the Mahri trailer. The design includes pressure chamber and valve room with exit hatch. It has a Cordak rag that folds away in the roof and automated dive helmet lowering device. The tentacles at the end of the vehicle points at the idea that this was a biomechanical craft. It was a blend of machine and sea creature, maybe a giant squid.


  1. Is the front of the Toa Terrain Crawler supposed to look like a Faxon?

  2. The third picture reminds me of Hero Factory, a little.

  3. I liked the idea of the Toa using high-tech equipment to be able to breathe and reach the underwater setting of Mahri Nui. I find it really a shame then that the story guys couldn't work that in, and just deicided to make the Diving gear as a part of their biology and thus becoming water breathers.

    And they did this for every other set that had the diving theme too! The titan sets with the tube gear were made water breathers. The Toa and Matoran in the exclusive sets that had tubing on them were made water breathers. They even went and said the Toa Terrain Crawler wasn't a vehicle, but a heavily altered living creature! I mean, c'mon! What were they thinking?!

    It just seemed to detract from their theme, and I really would've prefered them to just stick to the intent of the design and just say that the Great Beings had prepared for this or something.